Monday, July 16, 2007

The 4th year

4th YEAR!
Learning how to be strong (:
All because of you.

School > Bf's place > Home Sweet Home

Seriouslyyyyyyyyyy, I hate it when people calls me MAY or MABEL.
My name is MAYBELINE.
I will not response to people when they don't call me by my name.
My parents named me. Not you.

Reason why I mind it so much is because I hate MAY & the pronunciation!
It sounds so... errrr.
(can't put into words)
Anyway, I hate short names.
(although simple & sweet(?))
I still prefer lonnnnng name (:

Either call/text me by my name, or be IGNORED!

PS: I have been hearing "MAY" for like 3years and i think its enough.

Period visited me today.
I'm tired.

Tags will be replied tmr (: