Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blur boy left me busy busy

(Incase people thought that I am wishing for NOONE to see,
He do stumble here when he is free (: (at times))

My blur boy left me so busy yesterday night!
Because his phone was spoilt soooo I couldn't contact him.
I had to search for his friend's contact for like 3hrs to help him with something.
Slept in really late last night.

And today is my family day ^^
I didn't bought anything for myself.
Haha. Cause nothing caught my eye.

But I bought something for Mr Wong.

Grandma's place next.
Oh man! Shes still as cute as ever, In fact, I think all oldies are cute (:
And Home Sweet Home.

Love the guy on the left (:

I came across this picture in friendster.
I think this picture was taken about a year ago.

And suddenly, I was reminded of how Mr Wong looked with short hair.
Abit of malay.
I prefer him with short hair than long hair (:

The guy in the middle is my lifesaver!