Monday, July 02, 2007

Boyfriend : We are sweet (:

No school today.
Met Bf for brunch &
Went to his place.

We watched shows &
played badminton in his house. LOL.
When his mummy came home....

Auntie : What are you doing? (Not in a fierce tone, just casual asking)
Bf : There! This girl wanted to play badminton.

*LOL* I was innocent!
I didn't suggested to play!!
(It's him!)

But luckily auntie just smiled and went to the kitchen to put her things.

So, Bf and me went out to the nearest Food Court for dinner.
Hands in hands, with an Icecream in our hands,
We strolled back.

M&M came over in the evening~
(Max & Marcel)
Cutie piesssssss, iloves.

I told boyfriend that we are sweet.
And he agreed (:
(we feel sweet, & we don't need ur comments if you don't feel the same abt us)

PS: I'm shopping online again! (But not clothes this time, becus they sucks!)
(with Adel & mummy again)