Friday, July 06, 2007

Busy Busy Life!

Sorry for my lack of blogging.

I need to blog!
I have OH-SO-MANY things to say!

I am finding time for it.
(Maybe tomorrow?)
It's work after school for the past 2 days as 070707 is reaching,
therefore I am busy.

Wonder whats so special about that date.
To me, even if it is just a very normal date like 17.11.88 or whatever ur date is,
As long as it is ur/ u & ur bf/gf's special day,
It is special enough already.

Why fuss over a stupid day?!
(070707 is just another normal day,
the sky is not raining money or snowing in SG!)

I mean any day in which there is/are some special meaning itself,
It is special already,
Why bother about the numbers?

But I can understand, cus its 07.07.07
3 repeats of 07.
But so whhaaaatttt.

So many people I know are getting married on this day.

I'll blog about my life tmr :D
Goodnight Y'all!