Monday, July 09, 2007

Chubby chub chub face


Been a long time since ya all saw my chubby chubchub face.
Look at my fringe! Either u grow faster or I am going to have u cut!

I was home early today!
Today's weather was damn cooling.
I love my black cardigan~

Pedicure again!!
(Not by me this time)

I love OPI lacquer. They have a large variety of colours to choose from! Every colour comes with a very cute name like, A date to-Knight, Princesses rules, Red Apple and many many more. I heard that if we buy them in bulks from the suppliers, they cost about $11+ each only!! Anyone wanna share with me? :P If I get them, I can do my own pedicure at home. Don't ask me to buy cheapo lacquer, Their colours are not as nice as OPI's, and so are their quality.

I am so excited about tmr's sushi buffet :D
Many YUMS~

Few days ago, I received an sms at 9.40am.
My boss asked me to work at ________'s outlet as there is no one there.
Bout 1pm, Julie reached So I had to leave and travel to ________'s outlet.
Soooo troublesome & last minute.
And the weather was very hot.
So I had to take cab there.
But time flies on that day.
Simply because I love my job (:

I will not be working so many days in a month after the next month.
Cause I gotta start my revision & mugging.

Even when our hands are apart, Our heart still stay close.
Thats from me to you, MR. Wong.