Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day out with confidants


Town, Towning, Towned with Derek & HY.
Hereen > Paragon > Hereen > FEP (:

Derek pierced his 1st ear hole in his 19years.
(LOL. a little slow?)
Dinner was Swensens (HY's treat!).
Walked to FEP & Mr Lee bought a shirt there.
(Nice formal shirt I must say!
Too bad it didn't suit Bf, otherwise I can get it for him too)

Cabbed back to our home area.
Help Bf with his things.
Aftermath, We went to slack, talk and crap at McDonalds (:
All the way till 11pm and Home Sweet Home.

Its the 22th already!
Pay is coming soon :D


My hair's length is already below my breast.
(Why does it look so short in the picturesssssss? Layerssssssss?)