Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Her hair and her eyes

I forgot to blog about this!!!!
This great girl here got her hair dyed yesterday!
Like finally uhhhhhhhh.
Love the colour ^^

PS: Its still brown, except for a lighter shade.
(BUT not those VERY brown ones, I hate them)

She needs some hair treatment now!

I work up late today so I washed up, changed into a stupid T-shirt and went out.
So effinggggggggg ugly.
LOL. But I don't care, didn't really see any familiar face anywhere.

School > Wendy's place > Home > Bf's place > Home

Recent weather is damn cooling and colddd.
brrrrr. brr.
Love it~
Jackets are lifesavers!

Forums are tempting me to shop online again.
As much as I am afraid of the quality,
I still ordered quite a number of item.
But the person assured me that the quality are much better than the previous spree.

Online shopping happens when I have no time to shop!

I want to make a new pair of specs.
The specs that I am having currently is still quite new & no scratches seen,
BUTTTTTTT, I dowan RED now :D

I know contact lense are of a better choice,
but at times when I am lazy to put them on,
I can just wear my specs out.

In short, I am just lazy to put on my lense each time I step out of my house.


Be back soon!