Sunday, July 29, 2007

I love my boyfriend!

Was really really enjoying myself for the past 2 days that I don't even want to come online.


Weather was cooling but I am heaty!
2 pimples and 1 ulcer :(
Damn pain canxzxzxz!

2 BIG boxes of Meji MeltyKiss from Auntie.
1 for me & Bf, 1 for Adel.

Friday was normal.
Nothing much. Bought a top from town (:
I reached home at 11 and noticed that the top's printing was ZZZ.
(I don't have the habit of trying/checking my tops/bottoms when buying them,
so If there is anything wrong, I have to go back on the following day.)

We bought the same top (:

Very rush on Sat!
Woke up at 9plus and left my house at 10plus.
Gotta rush to town, change my top & reach home at 1pm.
(Because Bf's dad is driving me to fetch Bf)
Though I was already at home when he called, But I haven't pack the stuffs for Bf :(
So when Bf reached home, I rushed over.

Happy to the M-A-X-I-M-U-M!
The project I mentioned 1week ago was my 1000 pieces puzzle for Hunny.
We hanged it up together (:

The whole of his family waited for him to shower & unpack his stuffs.
His dad drove,
> sent his clothes to the laundry @ WashyWashy.
> fetch Bf's 2 sisters and nephews(Max & Marcel).
> squeezed in his dad's car.
> late lunch at IMM (4pm).
> parted with his family.

Accompanied Bf to _______ to get his stuffs.
Bus-ed to shopping mall for movie(8pm) (:
Shopped around while waiting for the show to start.
Bought a tank top and a cardigan.
Saw Mr and Mrs Peh(KH & MY) (:

Today was lovely~
Rise & Shine at 9.30am.
Bus-ed to Bf's place.
Bought myself a cheese-and-ham pancake.
Lunch at KFC with his Mum.
Parted, Bf & me went to get his laundry back.
Bus-ed to WM.
WM is boring! Like really!
The cinema there is so-not-comfortable.
Bus-ed back to his place.
Dinner with his family (:
My favourite~ Steam fish!

Bf's dad drove me home (:

Pay is not here yet.
Spend spend spend.

My new pair of specs will be ready tmr (:

PS: I HATE it when people use WHATEVER on me when they are alrdy speechless,
Just SHUTUP if you've got nothing more to say.
(only LOSERS use WHATEVER, cus you've alrdy lost, which makes u speechless)
For people who used it on me,
have u noticed that after u said "whatever",
I won't reply to whatever shit you've said?

Use it on me & I'll use it on you.
That's how the outside world behaves.
What comes around goes around,
& that is why the world is round!