Sunday, July 01, 2007

I was bugged!

The ride to work exciting.
I was "bugged"!
(by a stupid insect as big as my thumb nail with black & yellow spots!
(for the whole ride ok!!))
It was just beside me,
climing up the window then as the bus stopped & moves again, it kept dropping.
I was scared the hell out of me can!
The bus was packed so I can't change seat or stand up.

It climbed up to the top and then drop umpteen times!
(Which is sooooooo effing idiotic)
Disgusting disgusting disgusting.

Urgh! & My boss came down today.
Wahaha! My supervisor was damn shocked (as she was not in uniform) LOL.
We were told to give out flyers as our new outlet is opening soon.
OMG! I have nvr done such thing before.
And it is soooooooo embarrassing cannnnnnnnnnn!!
So I seeked help from friends.
They helped me gave out the flyers & I was spared.
I noe I can avoid 1 time, 2 time but not all time.

Oh lorddddd~ Tell me what to dooooooo.
(I will never give out flyers (thats my mindset but I know can't avoid!!))

Supervisor treated me to Famous Amos's brownie!
It was YUMMY, but a little too sweet for my sweet tooth.
(Cus I don't really like very sweet stuffs)

Rude people sucks! Like totally!!
Yesterday while Bf & me were dinning,
Bf suddenly bend over and picked up a girl's ezlink at the next table.
The girl didn't know she dropped it then took the ezlink from Bf's hand.

Nowadays, Youngsters in SG have no basic manners.
Not all but most!

Though many stuffs happened today,
But i still love today cus its exciting :D