Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm missing you like crazy

Only a couple of hours,
But I am missing Bf like hell ):
Trust me, I really really am.


不习惯没有你! ):

Luckily there's work tmr.

I went to read some of my posts (because I had nth to do).
When I just started reading my 2nd blog,
I couldn't help but laughed at the sight of my latest entry over there.
Stupid!! Yes, VERY!
(Not the person! It's the action of *refer to my 2nd blog*!)

Mummy's birthday is next Wed, Maybe I can wish her here?!
(YEAHH~ She reads you know you know?! HAHAHA. Like real)
Might as well wish all my Aunties/Uncles/Grandparents/Cousins at 1 go.
(I believe some cousins do read & saves the trouble)


I've found a new CHINESE song.
It's nice, very (:

I am not going to do any Pedicure/Manicure for the moment.
Allowing my nails to rest for a week.
Afterwhich, I may want to do the design I did for Wendy's previous nails.
Remember? The baby pink base with black & white laces~
(For my pedicure)
Love that design lots.
But I'm not going to do it myself (:
(I am going to seek help from the professionals :P)

I miss you boy, alotalot.

I love my baby(Raven).
(Raven can't read!! LOL)

I'll be back to update later. (If possible, Most likely YES)