Monday, July 23, 2007

Love Pearl

I came across this while shopping online today.
I received this(exactly the same) from ______ before.
I think this is the best damn thing as there is a little surprise for you inside.
Cool and cute uh?

An Oyster Containing A Pearl. Each boxed wish pearl set includes a genuine freshwater cultured pearl in an actual oyster, the oyster is packaged in a container of special liquid solution that dramatically simulates the natural oyster environment. A major appeal of this unusual gift is the excitement and mystery as the recipient opens the oyster and finds their very own pearl. It takes 3-5 years for the oyster to form thre pearl. The pearl will measure anywhere from 5-7mm.

A Heart-Shaped 18"" 925 Sterling Silver Pendant. The beautiful ""cage"" design of the easy-to-open pendant allows the pearl to be worn and protected.

a) White = Wisdom
b) Cream = Success
c) Peach = Health
d) Purple = Wealth
e) Black = Love

I opened up the oyster and got a White pearl (:
Didn't cage it inside the necklace and wear it before as I find it ugly :x
(But very meaningful!)