Thursday, July 12, 2007

My lovely lollipop

The super cutie BIG lollipop keychain that lovely boyfriend bought for me.
(Reality Size = Bigger than my palm)

Lovey dovey day.
Skipped school for afternoon's major exam.
Went out at 9 to bf's place.
Headed to Mcdonalds for breakfirst (with bf's mum & sis).

I was so nervous in the noon that I broke out in cold sweat.
PHEW~ Everything was over within that short hour.
So I went back to bf's place and waited for an hour before going out to shop & dinner.

Bought 2 pairs of flipflops (for mum & bro).

Reason why I always buy flipflops and pumps is because when if I wear heels,
My height = Boyfriend's height (almost)
(Oh boyy~ Grow taller pls)

It is so hard to be outside shopping around,
But I am not allowed to spend too much.
*stares at boyfriend*

I still remember the first time when you took me by the hand.
I don't want tmr to come ):