Sunday, July 08, 2007

My next week

Bf gave in in the end.
So I bought my new cardigan :D
(I didn't ask him to pay for it okay! I pay for my own buys!)
But I had to promise him that I won't shop anymore unlesss....
(maybe my next pay day? haha. that is like sooooooooo long away)

Bf's place after school.
Home for dinner (Mummy's cooking!)

Going for sushi(at town) with Bf after school.
(I am craving
for them!! Esp their chawanmushi~)
& NUH's pay in.

Lesson ends late,
so we(bf & me) are going to dine at a simple restaurant.
(Its the 11th of the month again!!)

Major exam. Might be going out with Bf after that. Our last day.

i-dont-wanna-talk-about-it I am so sad okay?!

Give me all your sunshine on Friday!