Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pasta for dinner


Its work after school (:
& home after work (:

Ohhhhhh. I am soooooo "no-life".

JiaJie & Derek came over to find me(when I was at work) as they were somewhere near.
We had dinner together.
Pastamania~ My favourtie~~~
But after today, I m quite sick of it.
And thats my first and last meal of the day (:
Because of that 1 meal,
I was having severe gastric pain on my way back.
I swear I can faint any moment.
But luckily I made it back home safe n sound (:

Foot spa is love~
& I bought some treats for my baby(Raven)!
He love them~

Because I am missing my boy so much that I can't help but listen to chinese songs.
Although I cannot understand most of the style of the songs,
(but some songs are love~)
But when I miss him, I feel like listening to chinese songs.
I don't know why.
Maybe because there is no good english music recently.
I am already sick and tired of the songs
that I had downloaded few weeks ago that I have to keep skipping tracks.
(Which is very irritatinggggggg!)

Someone send me songs pls~
Be it english or chinese, JUST SEND ME! :(