Friday, July 13, 2007

Pretty Pictures - 2nd entry for the day

These pictures are not made by me!
I found them on a korean website.
And I find them pretttty.
Lots of different pictures but equally pretty!

I wanted to put this(with my name) in my Friendster as my primary picture
but somehow it doesn't seems to fit.
(because of the colour)

SUPPOSEDLY, Swimming session with my little girl next Wed.
(OPPS~ Not swimming, Playing with water :P I can't swim)
But I forgot next Wed is the 18th, So I had to cancel the date.
Family is dinning out because its mummy's birthday.
Bf was supposed to go with us.......

I'm so jealous!!
About 4 to 5 person in my MSN contacts have got almost the same nick,
"Harry Potter is nice!!!!!" etcetc
But on the negative side, 1 told me it was nice, but not as nice as he had expected.
3hours! Why can't they make it 4 or 5hrs? It is suchhh a thick book! :x

I haven't got the chance to watch it.
I'm waiting for Bf to come back and watch it with me (:

It is a torture to be missing someone so badly,
but on the other hand, it is kinda sweet to be missed as well (: