Saturday, July 07, 2007

Repay kindness with Evil

Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix will be out on the 12th instead of 13!!
Bf wanted to book advance booking for me but sadly, almost all are full ):
(Few mths ago,
posters & yahoo were saying that the movie will be released on the 13th)

Few weeks ago, My friend borrowed from me my bike.
Few days ago, She told me she lent it to her friend (without informing me first!).
(She lent it to him in the morning & told me at night)
How WOW is this? No permission needed?
And few hours ago, She told me the bicycle was stolen!!
(The lock was there but the bike was gone. Her friend lost it)
1 word, COOL!

Of cause, she gotta to return me a bike.
But I'm still VERY VERY angry about it.

Last day of work tmr and rest week!
So hectic~~
My friends don't even see me online recently.
Bf fetched me home yst and today.

I need to get a new cardigan.
And I saw a nice one.
But bf said that I have been spending too much before/after I got my pay.
So he forbid me to get it ):

I saw aloooooooooot of brides today (and alot of jiemei of the bride) :D
When I get married, I'll make it very simple and secretive.
I will only invite family, relatives n CLOSE friends.
The rest, I will only let them noe after I got married~ :x

I don't need to make it grand to tell the whole world that I am getting married.
(Marriage only involve 2!)
In the past, I said that I want it grand!!
(But those are childish thoughts. HAHA~)

I want to be a JieMei of my friends too~
Please invite me when any of you get married! :x

Why do people AC on picturessssssss?
So-not-natural and hurhurrrrr.