Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Shopping bags are love!

Its shopping after work!
Rushed to FEP to meet Adel.

Thought I wouldn't buy anything as I went wiv Bf already few days back.
And I thought all I had to do was to accompany her and give her opinions if necessary.
But I was wrong!!
Hell wrong!!

We went home with aloooot of shopping bags.
Bought 923734792137362349 of things.
She bought her stuffs & I bought mine.
(Of cus we shared some stuffs too. HEHEHE)
So I shall not list them out. Im lazy.

Yeah, shopping bags are life savers after a tiring day of work (+school).

I did my nails myself this time round.
Nude colour for fingers & Shimmering pink for toes :D

Youknow youknow,
I gotta save!

But before saving, I NEED to get a jersey for my rascal.
Yayyy~ He will be cute!

I don't know the meaning of goodfriends anymore.
1 seems to be out from my list.
(I am not kidding ya noe?)
Don't make me hate u please.
You know I don't want to.

I miss my 100plus!