Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too lost in it

I've decided not to blog today cus nothing interesting happened.

But since I've got nothing to do now, so I might as well update.

I'm sooooo nervous for tomorrow.
Yes, bless me many mAnY MaNy MANY!!

Bf is richer by $___ & the money will be kept in his bank acc
(the ATM card is with me *winks*)
(but I'm not the type who spends boyfriend's money ok?!)

We didn't dine out today.
Was playing some games for leisure with Bf's bro & mum.
Headed home at 9plus for dinner n shower.

All along, I thought everyone was perfect.
I couldn't see their flaws.
But it hurts to see & realise, how wrong I was.
Right from the start......

(For your information, I am not refering to my Bf)

Many people struggle to learn.
More people struggle to earn.

But what's earning without learning?

When you've already set your foot out,
Please don't take it back and give it up halfway.

Learn it for 3years(DCNT-SP).. It's not long.
Waste 2years & then give up, It's not short.
You've already wasted more than 700days of your life,
Why not try the remaining 300+ days?
(How many 2more years can you waste?)

PS : You know who you are! You need some sense!