Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You were meant for me


So the SIM family dine out
Adel and me shared a prezzie for Mummy.
Bf's mum helped me with it (:

And I am proud of myself because I finished my "mission" this morning.
Took me a total nearly 5hours to complete it (:
Surprise surprise *winks*

Life is so boring recently.
No good music.
& No good shopping trips.
I realised that I have not been spending for like a week.
Woohooo. Is that supposed to be good or bad?
No money spent but no new stuffs :(
(Saving $$! It's a good sign!)

I realised that people who read that thick book of Harry Potter find the movie nice.
People who haven't or don't read Harry Potter's books find it boring.
I read all the book so I suppose I will find the movie nice (:
Cus i can fill in the show myself to the missing parts.

A good friend of mine got hurt recently.
From that, I realised that she is strong but at the same time naive.
Strong is good. But not Naive
And I know that I can never be like her.
I will be crying my heart out.
For that, I know I am not strong enough.

my heart is true the way i do

Till then ;