Monday, August 13, 2007

Auntie Maybeline

I am only going on 19 in age but my body is almost 50!

Rosy cheeks after running!
(RUNNING took my breath away :x (wearing old specs))

We were supposed to visit the gym today but sch ended late for me.
(Derek and me)

So we ran to the nearest Mrt station (which is not exactly very near -.-).
I was almost killed by running!!!
Ran about 2.0km plusplus minusminus.
It has been so long since I last exercised.

2 years ago, NAPFA was the last time I exercised.
Other than the Palau Ubin trip with Bf, Kelvin & Gf,
or the short walk(s) with Bf,
or even the Me-cycle-Bf-run session(s),
They are not so tiring as compared to today!
(Today is hell ._. I think it is because its my 1st day of period
plus the running makes me ............... )

I vomitted halfway. LOL.
Weakling :(

Bf wants to make a new pair of specs.
And the design he chose was the design I wanted to make initially!
The white one.
Aaawwww. I am so tempted to make another pair.
I need a new pair of specs again~

That day when Bf and me brought MaxMax to the toy shop,
There was this donation thingy "Adopt a duck",
The lady walked towards us.
(Bf was carrying MaxMax)
Lady : Hi, Would you like to make a donation?
Bf : Do you have coins?
*Me searching for small change*
Lady : Or you can get a rubber duck for your son for just $5.
*Me stares at Bf*
Bf : Hahaha. He's my nephew.
Lady : Sorry sorry.
*Me throw some coins into the tin and walked off*

AHHHHH~ Do we look so old?!?!

I am currently reading Harry Potter's last book!
Thick book I must say.
1 wishie off my wishlist (: