Thursday, August 23, 2007

Between a guy and a girl

Who on earth said that between a guy and a girl,
There can only be love?
Who said that they cant be VERY close friends?
Open up, and you will have more good friends (:
You can have boy-friends who are as close as ur girl-friends too.

(of cause, not all guys can be good friends, but I've found some who can be)


Sometimes, I find it easier to trust my boy-FRIEND(s) than my girlFRIEND(s).
They give me more useful advises because they think from a guy's view.

I am a girl who loves to play & prank to the MAXIMUM.
I can't find another girl like me.
(Because girls are usually very well behaved)

And to be true, girls can't take jokes.
(Not exactly cant take but not as well as the guys)

Therefore, only guys prank together with me most of the time.

Also, sometimes I feel like a guy.
If you know me well, You will know how straight-forward I can be.
I don't give face just because you are the son or daughter or a rich boss.
Or even if you come from a well-to-do family.
I will just say what I feel straight.
Like it or not, this is me.
Either you pretend deaf when you are with me or get lost.

PS : Because everyone hates the truth.
Everyone chose to turn deaf when being commented.
(Girls are worst, they will find means n ways to comment back)

Tell me, How many girls can stand me?!