Monday, August 27, 2007

Bleed it out

I'm exploding.
Faking a smile is not an easy task.
Can someone please save me?
I am grasping for air almost everyday.

"Watch" shopping.
BF wanted us to wear couple watch.
But I can't find any to my liking.
They are either too big or too manly for me.
And I don't want sporty or leather type.
I want something metallic!!

From Everlast, to Adidas, to Guess, to Casio, to Swatch, to Seiko, to Fossil, to Puma, to Levis.
(Include whatever brand u can think of)
None was to my liking!

Superrrrr fussy girl here.

I liked this. Love the pink crystals on the watch. Old design/model.
But It is not couple and on top of that, its leather.
White strap get dirty easily too :/

I need to breakfree.
I want to run away.