Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boyfriend loves me!

The OPI Lacquers Adel and me ordered are here!

Dad on my laptop without my permission and used it for 5mins.
*double scream*
(chill chill, It is just 5minutes :D)
But the main reason was I was selfish because I don't wanna connect his com to our wireless.
There is already 3 desktop/laptop sharing.
If I add my Dad's desktop in, It will lag me!!

I have been spending alot recently.
New set of bra n undies!!
Spent quite a sum on some rubbish thingy too.
Bought them, but I don't need them.

I AM going to make a new pair of specs again.
(2nd pair in less than a month, 3 pair of proper specs now)
Bf said nothing about it,
I guess he is already numb of seeing me spending/shopping.
Mummy said nth too ~
So yup, I am going make it with Bf when hes free (:

Boyfriend : Same specs, LOVING!!

Errks. I don't dare to wear the same specs as him if we are going out.
ME(have got) : 3pairs + contact lense = 7 days a week
BF(have got) : 2pairs = 7 days a week

I won't be so unlucky to wear the same as him :P