Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Full of regrets

The same mistake.

I sense a busy weekend ahead.
In fact, already busy after today.

I thought Buses and MRT are worst than Cabs.
Actually, Cab are the 10x worst.

*Hops into a cab with a friend*
ME : Shaw house please.
Uncle : ok.

The route he drove was unfamiliar.

Friend : Errr. Uncle, where are you driving us to?
Uncle : Bishan? I thought you guys wanna go there?
ME : HUH?! I said Shaw house.
Uncle : Oh really? (in the most sarcastic tone) k, I'll drive back now.

So the short journey from Hereen to Shaw house cost us almost $18.
$18 bucks is not a big amount but I wud rather donate it to the charity!!
I supposed he purposely pretend to hear wrongly so that he can earn more.

In wad way is Shaw house similar to Bishan? Not even the pronunciation.


I helped the blind man up the bus again today (on my way to sch).
(The same guy who asked me for help few months ago)
But this time he was standing very far from the bus so I had to hold him and walked him to the bus stop.

After a long tiring day of school. Sleepy.