Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Buy or not buy?

Good music nv fail to make me smile.
So like, Finally, enough of those boring songs.
More and more titles in my playlist (:

Sometimes in life, you can't have the best of everything.
(Things which can be bought using money, I go for the best)
But I am refering to things, which you can't buy using money.
Friendship and love.
U can't make them everything end with a happy ending.
Because you know what have you done.
Just make your love happy, the rest don't matter anymore.

I won't think for you anymore.

You said you're not selfish,
Please, ask around. Isn't this selfish?
Stop defending yourself and face the fact.

I am not going to say anything from now on.
For I feel that everything is not worth it.

Back to myself.

I want to get this! ($599)
(The white 1 is so prettttty)
Sony cybershot T20~
Mr Mao. suggested me to go and purchase it at SimLim as it will be cheaper.
Dad has already promised to get it for me.
But something is holding me back.
I can't find any reason for me to NEED a new camera.
I think it is a waste of money becus I don't even need it.
Buy or not buy. I am so indecisive.

Sony Cybershot T10 is pretty too.
But too old for me.
Because it was launched like few years back?
(I am still attracted by the white 1 !!)

Movie with Bf tonight (: