Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Goodbye Old, Welcome New

New Gucci handbag in the house!

New top in my wardrobe!
Welcome new clothes,
Goodbye old/new clothes!
(Don't worry, I wont sell you away, I'll just dump you!)

I saw Nolly in he bus and he couldn't recognise me!
LOL~ So I smsed him, But don't know which is me.

I am waiting for Thursday (:
Bless me on Friday (:
I hate Saturday :(
Not to mention Sunday :(

Dinner was supposed to be HK Cafe.
Nothing suits me so I left there empty stomach.
(I don't like chinese food like dim sum and many others!)
Adel was the one doing the eating, But she can only finish 1/4 of it.

I need to save save save.

PS : I am rather busy lately. Unless important, Pls do not text (msn,sms) me [:
Just leave a tag at my tagboard and I will reply IF I am online.