Sunday, August 05, 2007

I love weekends

My weekends are usually great (:
Headed to town with boyfriend.
Got ourselves a pair of Everlast slip-on shoe/snickers.
Caught my eye on the Kappa slip-on too.
May get it tmr IF I happen to pass by any kappa shop.
(Lucky these are cheap. Imagine if they are branded like LV, I'll be broke to buy them all!)
But if its LV, COOL~ Spend 500bucks on a pair of slipper, then step on it :D
Didn't managed to get anything else yesterday.

Bf wanted to get me some tops in return for the tops I bought for him.
(They fit perfectly well ^^)
But yeah, I didn't accept that idea because I hate to spend Bf's money.
In other words, I hate girls who spend their Bf's money.
(so-not-independent and _____)
Likewise, for guys spending girl's money too.
BUT, Bf didn't know that I bought him that 2 tops beforehand,
So it is not counted as him spending my money (:
(I just happened to saw it, find it nice, and bought it)

Max is soooooo adorable.
He loves to play with DS lite (:
I am hooked on one of the game too.
Lucky Adel did not buy that PSP (which she wanted buy before DS lite was launched),
Otherwise, I doubt I will dare to bring such a bulky machine out.
DS lite for girls & PSP for guys~

Another shopping session tmr with my lil girl.

Mcdonald for breakfast with Bf.
My dad drove us to Queensway(on the way) (:
It was my first time to sit inside his new car.
(LOL, slow yea? 3weeks and yet...)

Queensway is boring.
Though they sell guy's clothes, but all the clothes/pants look so kiddy :/
Don't suit Bf so we left there empty handed.
Bus-ed to elsewhere, Bought lunch home.

Dinner with his parents.
I only drank soup (way too full!).
His dad drove me home (: