Friday, August 03, 2007

I want tmr to come right now!

I went to FEP with Wendy today.
Found the top I want but not the colour again!
So I had make do with another top.
Almost the same as the one I wanted. Nice nice.
And a new bag ^^
PS: Some online stuffs that I've ordered 2 weeks ago are here (:

Mummy is going to nag at me for sure.

Today is only the 3rd of Aug, Guess I have already finish my pay :X
(Specs, bags, clothes etc etc)
Oh~ Where is my determination to save money?!

Movie with Bf tmr night (:
(see how happy I am! :D)

Long John for dinner for the past 2 evening ):
Guess I am going to put on weight soon.
(that is something I really hate! PUT.ON.WEIGHT!)
Shall weigh myself again next Tues.

Cousin's home warming tmr (:
(all my cousins will be there!)
Sadly I've got work, So will not be able to make it.
I think its sweet.
To have your own house at the age of 25.
Just she and her husband.
Sweet sweet life!

DAMN YOU! *****G
Super pissed when I went to her blog.