Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lose your boyfriend or stay fat !

Aiyoyooooo. I am so full from my dinner.
So damn bloated!!

Morning - School
Noon - Sch
Evening - Shopping wiv Adel ; Derek joined us later.
Night - Dinner @ Kobayashi

I spotted a top which I really really like but they don't have the colour I wanted

Adel is the spender of the day.
She spent ALOT on clothes.
She managed to get new bottomsssss and topsssss,
While I got nothing :(
Nvm, Sunday :D

Derek joined us an hour later.

Adel bought a top for JW, and I bought 1 for Hunny (yesyes, AGAIN!) ^^
(Because he bought me clothes few days ago)
(But the main reason is, PAY IS HERE!)

My friends commented that I love to prank others.

Do I really?
(Yeah, I do :P)

1 random thought when I was in the bus.

If you were given a chance to have good figure, tall & slim (or maybe ur ideal weight),
But that is after ur Bf broke off with u,
resulting in poor appetite and managed to lose weight to ur ideal weight.
(Lets say, many guys are going crazy over you at the same time)

Would you rather lose that few KGs & ur boyfriend at the same time?
(including enjoying being woo-ed)
Don't mind being slightly flabby with ur boyfriend around?

I suppose most people will choose the one at the bottom.

Me too (:

But I believe certain amount of people will choose the first one.
Be true to yourself! Who don't like to be chased?
(It's a sweet feeling!)

But not as sweet as my boyfriend :D