Saturday, August 18, 2007

Love the weather, love my boyfriend

Cold day today!!
Can the weather be this cooling everyday?
So I was dressed in my white skinny jeans with a long sleeve top.
I didn't want to bring an umbrella out so Mummy walked/sheltered me to the bus-stop.
My dad laughed at me for being such a kid at the age of 19.
Afterall, No matter how old we are, we are still a kid in their eye.

I had my eye lashes permed and my nails done.
My nails are freaking long!!
But after painting it, It doesn't look long :/

There was this old couple (in their sixties)
(the lady from UK, and the man from Australia)

Lady : So when you are out shopping, where is your husband? Why isn't him here to accompany you?
Me : HUH?! I am not even married.
Lady : Oh. I thought you were. I saw the ring on ur finger.
* Man laughs*
Me :
Haha. It is just a normal couple ring from my boyfriend. Not wedding ring.
Lady : Ohhh. I am so outdated with the life out here. Even most of the hair-dresser in SG are male. Time have changed! In the past, women are the one who are doing this kind of job.

I supposed SG has got the most male hair-stylist/hair-dresser?

I am so "zi lian" today (:
But none of the photos are taken after eye-lash perming.
Pardon me for that FAT face.
I didn't ask for it.

I always get emo when I am on my way home after shopping/working/school.
Especially when I am alone.