Thursday, August 16, 2007

Maybeline is a happy girl

I was salivating while sleeping soundly last night.
I dreamt of me and some of my pals eating steamboat.
(Including my Bf!!)
(See how much I miss steamboat?!?!)
I told Bf about it and he laughed at me :/

Something random.
I thought today was Friday.
Only when the clock strikes 10pm, then I realised it is still Thursday.

My MP3 died on me :(
Recommend me some GOOD MP3/MP4 or whatever player someoneeeeee?

My dad dated my mum to a movie next week!
Oh! How loving?! At the age of 40.

I am in my happiest mood today (:

PS: I skipped sch again today.
I can't help feeling guilty about it.

And you know when things get really bored and I have nothing to do,
I tends to doodle everywhere, on everything I see.
So this purple balloon here is one of my victim.

Boyfriend says : When I can't do something, I will think of you. And then I will try my best to do it.