Saturday, August 18, 2007


I didn't know my blog is on 1 website (
I know theres 1. But a guy called xxingg tagged and told me it is on 1 more! (:

FEP after school.
(Went there to find Adel)
and Home after school (:

I am bored of FEP.
Only managed to buy accessories there.
No more nice tops.
Anyway, I should stop shopping for a week if I want to get my specs done.
Bf is starting to nag at me again.

It is raining cats and dogs now.
Doubt it will get smaller so soon.
I need to step out of my house!!

Bf and me have already make plans for next Friday.
School > BotakJones > FEP > Swimming(playing with water) Session.
FEP gotta be out of the list nw(too bored to shop there)!!
Swimming have to depend on the weather now :/
(Because the radio station said that it will be raining/cloudy for quite a while)

K, be back later (: