Sunday, August 12, 2007

My weekends

Did lots of travelling yst.
Almost lost my way to Bukit Batok.
It is like so far from my place and I don't even go there often.
Met Bf there(as he had something on),
Cabbed to his place > played around with Max > mrt-ed to airport.
Bf brought me there for lunch (:

Aftermath, We went to AMK Hub.
There was this "881" thingy so I saw Qi Yu Wu~ :D
Damn fit canxzxz!
Ate my favourite Snow Ice~~
Mrt-ed to the next shopping mall for dinner with his family.

As for today,
Went to his place for my Cheese and Ham pancake(loveloves!) breakfast(10am).
I ate alot today :(
Went out for lunch.
Bf bought a top for me (:
Cabbed home.
Skipped dinner.

I am in love with Nokia 6300~
But I hate the camera!
(I dislike almost all Nokia phone's camera!!)