Monday, August 06, 2007

Psychiatric boyfriend and me

I was home early today (5pm)!
The shopping session today was short and HOT.
Yeah, only managed to get myself 1 new top.

Cleared and threw away those unwanted clothes/jackets/pants/cardigan in my wardrobe.
I have yet to wear some of them.
They look ugly to me now so they have to go!
They can't live in my wardrobe anymore!

That's why people says "women/girls 's money are easier to earn!"
They spend without using their brains to think (during shopping only).
As long as it is nice for that moment, they buy it.
And the next minute, EWW, into the bin.

I think Bf and me are sick!
We can see each other the whole day and when we got home,
we will start to miss each other.

We're psycho. And I like being psycho (:

We gah-gah over the phone for an hour.
I love it when you call (:

PS : I have 10 songs playing randomly.
I would appreciate if you're asking for any title,
Type me afew sentences from the song.
NOT OTHER STUFFS LIKE "I think got people talking behind"
(It will be ignored from now on)

You don't TYPE the way I do.
You don't WEAR the way I wear.
You don't SEE the clothes I see.
Coffee thinks that you are in love with me.
Which I believe to be true (: