Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rainy Naps!

1 NEW song added to my blog (:
Change of song in my 2nd blog.
Old school music goes there, not here!

PS : I am not being out-dated ok!
Just that I happened to hear that song again and I still find it nice.

Lesson ended at 10am in the morning, I had no where to go so I went home to sleep.
I love to sleep and nap during rainy days.
Slept for 3 solid hours till BF called me at 2.30pm
But after he woke me up, he went back to work :(

Raven was such a baby today.
He followed me everywhere.
(I meant E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!)
Including climbing up the stairs and up to my room,
to the toilet (I had to chase him out),
and when I am sitting right infront of my laptop,
he is just sitting beside me looking at me.
WOOOO~ What a baby.
His fur is growing at a very fast rate too ^^

I have been waiting for the right time to swim(play-with-water)!
But it is raining almost everyday.
So BF suggested that next month, we shall visit Sentosa!!
With my lovable bitch and BF (Mr & Mrs Peh),
And maybe with his bros as well.
BF said that It will be more fun if we go there in crowds.
(But nothing is confirmed yet!)

I love the beach~~~ and my bitch.

I want to catch Evan Almighty!!

New pair of specs is here soon.
Maybe tmr, maybe thurs!

I am also quite lazy to put on my contact lense recently.
Have been wearing specs to sch for 2 days.
So many pair of specs, So I have decided to go easy on my lense.
For short lessons like Tues and Thurs, I will just stick to specs.
Save me all the hassle too.

My days are bored.
I am currently surviving on MobTV.