Sunday, August 19, 2007

Say bye to furs!


My dad drove us to Malaysia today (excluding Adel, She got her own date).
Before driving us in, we sent Raven for grooming.
The person picked Raven up at our place.

We were famished! So whe we reach Msia, We went for a satisfying meal.
Next was shopping!
Got a DS lite crystal cover for Adel. It comes with 2 transparent pen!!
I think its cool!
& Few days ago, I adopted a chihuahua in the game(Ds lite's game).
I named it Raven too. Same name as my puppy in reality.
UBER COOL! All I have to do is to shout at the mic.
*SIT!* And my chihuahua will sit and respond to me.
So cuteeeeeee. &&&& the best thing is I can play blowing bubbles with him.
(Just blow at the mic)
But my real Raven is much much cuter.

Confusing uh? Raven in game and Raven in reality.

Anyway, the whole trip was rather boring.
Because I am not in the shopping mood.
Only got myself a pair of nice flipflops while mummy got herself heels.
(I thought I would be able to buy alot of stuffs but....)
At least I managed to stock up my contact lense there.

Dad & Bro are the biggest spenders of the day.

The shopping centre(s) wasn't able to attract us for long so we left after an hour.
Back to SG!
Oh Singaporeeeee~ I love you~

We drove to the supermarket, bought stuffs home.
And tubs of icecream :D
Our fridge & freezer are full!

I cleared my bras and undies ysterday.
Today, I gotta clear my shoe rack.
Many many things to throw!
(When will these end?!!!!)

Raven was sent back to my place at 7pm.
I went out to wait for him.
I was so shocked~~~ (by his looks)
Sooooooooo small size.
When he have got fur, he looked big and fat.
Now, He look neat, small and STILL FAT!
Not as cute as last time anymore!!


Mummy and Dad laughed at my expression when I saw him.
Dad : Don't worry, in a month or 2, his fur will be back.

I regret spending that amount of money,
becus he doesn't look cute to me now :(
My love for him is still the same!
But I will love him more if his fur grows out faster!!