Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Some friends are just so NOT worth it

Repay kindness with evil.
How true is this?

How selfish one can be?

When YQ was sick, I didn't even went to look for him during the 3hrs break.
Because I know you will be lonely.
You knew how much I wanted to go.

When I skipped lesson, I know you have nowhere to go during the break,
So I went to meet u after the next lesson.

I was tired this morning, intended to skip lesson, I still went because of you.
I remembered that you said MAYBE you wanna ___________.
( I smsed you and asked, but the reply only came about an hour later)

I know your work is at 1130 or 6,
I will still accompany you for awhile to get ur stuffs/idle before u go for work.
(If it is too early to set off)

Ask yourself, What have you done for me?
Yeah, meet ur so called LOVELING after everything.
(Sch, break, or whatever shit)

I am on my own after every lesson.
I am on my own even if works starts only 2hrs after school.
I am on my own even if what what.
(exclude Bf in my everything for here)
Even if I am going to look for him, I make sure u're not alone or going home.

I will not be standing by you anymore.
Be it ur happiest moment or the darkest dream.
You're on ur own with your "LOVELING" now.

When your "LOVELING" was gone during that period,
Who stood by you?
Who accompanied you?
When hes back, friends aside. Love is everything.

I feel so foolish.
Like what many have said.

I don't understand.
I ALWAYS think for you.
But u always refuse to put urself in other's shoe.

Selfish, I call it.
You're so god damn selfish.
You don't know how to weigh Love and Friendship.

Don't come crying when everything(LOVE) ends.
(of cause, this is not what I want to see)
NS is a BIG test.
(And I don't want to see your everything to end)
This is just a REMINDER.
Whats love and friendship?
Touch your heart and answer.

Enjoy ur love.

Soon, You will come to realise that ur soulmates are gone.


I believe, you people know who I am refering to (:
Laugh at me please.
For being such a foolish friend.

I am going to be as selfish as you.
The way you treat me= the way I treat you (:

Yes. An eye for an eye now.