Wednesday, August 22, 2007

With every heartbeat


Because I am busy, I also very tired at the same time.
I sleep about 6 to 8 hours everyday.
But it is just so-not-enough.
I used to sleep more than 10hrs a day.
I need some food to just give me more energy.
Will force myself to drink some chicken essence if needed,
the most, I will just vomit it out.
I swear I will! (If I am forced to drink/eat something I hate)

Because I am tired of my life, I feel tired EVERYDAY!

Listen carefully to my blog songs.
New songs added (:
And I mean NEW song k! No OLD songs.

Something I don't understand here.
(why do people who listens to chinese music force themselves to listen to eng songs?)
Never be others just to "stay-IN" or pretend to be someone you are not.
Be yourself! I say (:

I happened to tune in to Yes93.3 yesterday (WOO, very rarely).
There was this particular song I liked alot~ But I don't know the title :(

I want to watch "Hairspray" !!
I love High School Musical 2.
"Knocked Up" was hilarious.
I love music, comedy, horror & magical(HarryPotter Only!).
I hate others! Esp Cartoons & action packed (sometimes, even Idols movie)!
So people, don't share those reviews with me. Not even Idols.

Dad & Mum's movie date yesterday was sweet.
(from what I see)