Monday, September 24, 2007

2 girls and a guy


I alighted from the bus and saw 2 malay female fighting.
1 malay guy was trying to stop them.
(age around 24 to 27)
Heard that the girls fought over for the guy.
When I was in the bus, I saw both of them kneeling down and pulling each other's hair.
When I alighted, both of them were on the ground pulling and shouting "SAKIT!!!!"
(which means Pain in English)
There were ALOT ALOT ALOOOOT of onlookers.
& I was only 5cm away from them. SCARY!!
(I had to walk that pathway to cross the road)

I wasn't so kaypoh to stand & watch so I went home.
But on my way, I saw alot of Cisco police officers watching too.
Aren't they supposed to stop them?!?!
What will the eyes of the public think?
O-M-G! My neighbour asked me if I saw the officers, she felt the same way as me.
I didn't know how long did the fight last but I could still hear them shout even when I am far away.

If my boyfriend cheats on me, I wouldn't be so stupid to fight with someone over him.
He is just so-not-worth-it. Because this prove that the love he have for me isn't strong enough (:

I shopped today!! :D
A pair of skinny jeans & a nice top!
Yupyup. Just 2 :D
My wardrobe is tooooooooooooooo full for me to squeeze any clothes in :(
Time to clear them again.

Boyfriend drove yesterday~
^^ I love to see him drive. I think he's cool. HAHA~

& he is rewarding me by learning how to cook nice steam egg from his mum and cook it for me because I _______ :D