Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another good day

(My best best bud's birthday!)
Just wanna tell you that you're the BEST DAMN THING that ever happened to me!
(Purely as a friend only :P)

Alright, another post of the day (:

Lunch break = Shopping mall :D
Within 1 short hour, I managed to get 2 Puma Polo tee, pouch, HP & hair accessories.
(1 Puma polo tee for BF, 1 for me)

And Donuts for lunch (:

Long John for dinner (:

nEbO called me and told me that I have won a 1-year membership with them.
I don't even remember participating in anything LOL.
Who cares~ So like, I have an account with them now.
And 2 day 1 night chalet at Costa Sands Resort(Downtown East/Pasir Ris) only cost me $69,
A movie ticket at Cathay on weekdays will only cost me $6 and $8 on weekends.(Maximum 4 tickets per purchase by member)
Escape Theme Park / Wild Wild Wet Admission at only $7.
(U.P. $16.50 for Escape Theme Park, U.P. $12.90 for Wild Wild Wet)
Of cause, There are alot of privileges and benefits than just these!
I am just lazy to mention all.
And they will send me my membership card within a month (:
Sounds great uh?

What should I wear on this Saturday?
What should I wear on the 22nd?
Should I get anything for her?

Cousin's engagement has confirmed to be a chalet at downtown east.
Dad said that we will be staying over.
BORED~ I will miss my toilet.
BF will be staying over with us.
(I told Dad that I don't wanna go, I want to go out with BF,
So Mum and Dad told me to bring him along. LOL)
Cool. We can enjoy the breeze at the beach at night (:

The original picture before I started to play with our eyes :D

PS : If nothing goes wrong, BF and me will be going for some makeover pictures(in dec)!
Bet it will be fun and NICE~