Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pink Pink Pink


Authentic Polo Spirit Watch~
I loveeeeeeeeee it!
It is not easy to find a BABY PINK metallic watch with blings!
(And the best part is, the colour of my nails blend very well with this watch!)

Thought I will be back with peektures, but I am lazy to scan them.
So, Wait if you want to see, Shoo if you're not interested.
(I have like ALOT of pictures(me&BF) in my cam, but you know you know, L-A-Z-Y)

BF collected our specs for us (Including Mummy's) yesterday.
Becauseeee my schedule is too tight for anything extra.

BF's bros (JJ, CG, CW) came over to love's place.

BF's face has been hidden for months!
And Liang is asking for his pics!
NO-NO. BF doesn't want to see you. :x
(Meet us in real life~)