Thursday, September 13, 2007

Because I felt so blessed yesterday

Though many quarrels, We have managed to come this far.
Not exactly far, but at least, far enough for us to understand each other (:

Because not all can stand my "xiao jie" 's temper for I am so spoilt
& pampered by my parents.
Whatever I want, they will gladly give it to me.
That's the reason why I am so spoilt.

I know I am wilful and unreasonable at many times,
& you never fail to compain everytime I get wilful.
But you still gave in everything anything(including your super high Ego) to coax me back.

People said that you're not one who will sweet-talk to their GF.
But I think you're super great at it.
People said that you must have a GOOD future to lead a happy life.
But all I want is a SIMPLE life.
People said one must be rich to find a GF.
But they don't know that they are just being loved for the sake of Labels.

Different people said different things.
However, they don't affect us.

Because boy,
true love doesn't need money to survive,
beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,
& because I know you will be there for me no matter what happens.


I cried and told you my Grand-dad passed away. You rushed down despite in the middle of a lesson. Cabbed all the way from east to my school. You fetched me to see my grand-dad for the last time & stayed with me at the wake. You didn't mind or complain and still went to the wake to accompany me even though it was Valentine's day. Simple, sad but sweet valentine's we had.

I know, all guys will do the same if this happens to their girlfriend.

But because I once experienced it, I know whats love & was touched by it.
You won't know the feeling unless you truely experience it (:

You said "We must" , I said "We will".

I am not sure how long this will last.
Maybe till tmr, a month later or a year more. No one knows.
But I am not bothered about the ending,
Because what matters most is now (:

You don't need to tell me how mushy or stupid this entry is.
Because they ain't here for you to read.
Unless you're M, Wong.