Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dead boring

I was home the whole day!
Skipped school and BF found out. HAHA~

So I came online and update my blogssssss quite afew times.

I miss Mr. Boyfriend :(
Like really really.

A friend told me something interesting.

A woman once quarrelled with her divorced husband as to who will get the custody of their child.
They couldnt come to an agreement & started quarrelling.
Then the man said, "If I insert an ATM card into the machine to withdraw some cash, does the money that comes out belong to me or the machine?"
So, the woman was left speechless.

HAHA~ I think this is funny and logical. BUT it is the woman who had to undergo 10months of pregnancy to give birth to a healthy baby! So they woman deserves the child! Well, nothing is ever FAIR to ladies. DAMN!

Although the law is protecting the ladies but it is never enough!

& I told him this.
"When one is happy, they forget all the bad stuffs,
but when one is angry, they forget about all the good stuffs & remembers only the bad."

& I find this very very true. I didn't quote it from any show! It's from me!

1 more day to go and after a good sleep, the next morning will be Saturday!