Saturday, September 22, 2007

Endless of walking!!

I'm feeling tired after a whole day of walking!!
Boyfriend got himself 1 Adidas Bag.

RW was our chauffeur today :D
The VERYYYYY nice guy.
So we shopped together for the whole day.

The donuts at VIVO taste HURRRRRRRRRRR.
Just 1 bite and we feel like throwing everything away.
The donut factory at Raffles Place taste 194830924times better.

Dinner at Kobayashi~
Chawanmushiiiiiiiiii. When I say I am No.1 egg lover, No one can beat me!
(trust me! ask my friends & you will know :D)
BF's mummy knows I love eggs so she cooked steam egg for dinner yst.
I love her steam eggs~ (they taste HEAVENLY~(because it is eggs that I am talking about))

Back to BF's cosy home at 10pm.
Played with Max.
And Home at 15mins past 11.

& BF did not sent me home today because SCV is showing his favourite soccer match.
He asked me to call him when I reach home. I forgot! & was told off. HAHA~

I brought some clothessssss and 1 extra pair of specs to leave it in BF's wardrobe.
(to avoid wearing his MANLY jersy. HAHA~ & I know Boyfriend have been waiting for me to bring my clothes over since 1000000years ago)

Have not been shopping for myself since 1 to 2 weeks ago!
My hands are feeling rather itchy. They are telling me to spend some money.
But no way~ I must must must get ALL my gadgets first.
(but spending abit wont kill :P)