Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The happy girl today (: (EDITED)

School > Work > Home today!

Friends commented that they seldom see me online nowadays.
Firstly, I have nothing to do online.
Secondly, Sch > Work > Home.
(although I don't work everyday, but I still need time to study)
Lastly, Online > Blog > TV & Sleep.
The main reason why you don't see me online so often is because I come online just to blog.
And jump into bed after that.

Just like today, Sch > Work > Home Sweet Home at 10pm.
HECTIC~~~ I need to breath!!

& I have decided to get myself that PSP slim & lite(black) to replace my MP (:
Adel is very tempted to get herself one(white) too.
But not so soon~
Because rumours have been saying that PSP slim will not be able to downgrade.
(I still believe it will! People with brains of intelligence will be able to crack it!)
And by then, I will get it!
If it really cant be downgraded, then I'll forget it.
Nope. I'll nv consider buying a PSP.
BF complained that they are kind of lag when loading games.
(PSP slim are way faster!)
And for me, it is too heavy & bulky.
(it's a no-no for me to carry boy's stuffs)

Time for my DOG.
Raven's fur is growing at an incredibly speed!
love love~~~~~~~~~~~

& Time for my lovessssssss.
My loveliest 2, H.M.Y, sent me the loveliest sms yesterday night :D
M.Y & me sms-ed & dreamt.
HAHA~ Silly thing to do.
She complained to me, & I complained to her.
Singaporeans "complains"!

Today is a good day.
I'm counting on to SATURDAY @ 6am!

4 more days!

Goodnight people!
PS : I am happy because it's 11th today !