Saturday, September 15, 2007


I had only like 5hours of sleep yesterday!!
Showered and reached BF's place at near 7am.
Little Max was already awake & playing with his toys.

OUT at 7.15am & sweated all the way till 10!
(I don't see the need of you knowing where I went/what I did so I'm not saying :D)
Took some pictures.
(It was a HEARTWARMING morning!)
BF's dad drove us for breakfast before heading back home.
I wanted to sleep when I reach BF's house so I ordered 2half-boiled eggs.
(Usually when I order 2, Because of the egg yolk, I can only finish half to 1)
BF and me fell asleep almost immediately.
We slept till 3pm and waited for Max to wake up before we leave for lunch.
BF's sister bought Marcel & meet us inside Fish & Co.
My first PROPER meal was Fish & chips!
(I don't understand how come fish & chips always come in BIG servings everywhere)

After eating was Max's favourite place(Toyrus).
He never fails to walk out of Toyrus with a toy in his hands.

BF's Home Sweet Home.
I swear we were totally crazy today.
Did alot of STUPID stuffs and then rolled onto the bed/floor/chair laughing umpteen times.
Stupid but I call it love (:

Dinner @ his place.

Accompanied BF to watch his soccer match before heading home.
(Although I don't really like watching guy's stuffs,
but I think it is sweet to accompany him once in a while)

PS : BF and me are in for a treat!
Derek came back from Malaysia yesterday (with lots of shopping bags I guess).
He won RM2000 which is about SGD1000.

Goodnight people!