Friday, September 07, 2007


Flu was gone by this morning.
Retail therapy cures almost everything!
& I love retail therapy with PINK!
She spends the way I do!
( PINK is her name (: )
& I love this friend.

It's nice to know that I have one more shopping click.
But It doesn't hurt to know if I have lost any of them,
Because, only the IMPORTANT ones matters and the rest don't !
As simple as that!
If you found the 1st letter of your name here, you are one of them!
There's ONLY 4 that I truely love.
Because they are just SO-SO worth it.

So, theres more tops, belts n accessories added today.

Small competition today.
BF wanted to get the medal for me.
Too bad, he lost by a few SECONDS!
(Which is like a waste)
But he's already a winner in my heart,
With or without medal, its the same (:

BF and me will be shopping again tmr.
Venue is yet to be cfm.
(because we're so stucked in SG that we have no where to shop!)

PSP SLIM is so darn cool~
(Thats what I call "suitable for girls", just like DSlite)
Lucky I don't game, If not I will be pestering my dad for this!

Have been sleeping in as early as 1045pm.
(because I am totally worn out)
But today is slightly later because I am in the best of my mood.