Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I can't wait for tomorrow to come

So like, BF is out jogging with Derek right now!
& I just came out from my bathroom feeling fresh.

Despite having exams today, I accompanied BF to his friend's BBQ at ECP yst night.
It was boring!
(mainly because I don't know anyone there)
Cabbed home from ECP ; Home Sweet Home at 11pm.
Reach home, showered & went to mug for an hour.
Thankfully, I managed to stuff those notes into my little brain within that hour.

Woke up feeling very restless due to lack of sleep.
After my papers, Went to BF's place to nap.
(Didn't managed to sleep at all because I was busy with his games!)
Lunch with his mum & Derek @ KFC.

I wanted the plain ones without any colour.
But my friend bought the wrong one for me :(
A pair at just $7~
The keyrings are attracted to each other by the magnets on the side.

Huiyan rocks!