Sunday, September 30, 2007

Juicy Sour Squeezy Fun

HEHEHEHEHE. Mummy is so cute.

*Mummy points to my tube of Juicy*
MUM : HEYYYYY~ This is so cute. What's that? Hair Gel?
Me : Candy. Some juicy candy.
MUM : CUTE. Can I taste it? Nice?
ME : Super SOUR Juicy liquid. Damn disgusting you want?
MUM : Oh.. *changed topic*

Mummy bought a box of Chocolate Fudge today.
And the glutton me ate 2 pieces at 2200hr!
:( calorieessss kills!!

1minute to Oct!! And then followed by Nov! (birthday falls on Saturday this year~~) Nov is a damn rich month for BF and a slightly rich month for me (: (BF's bank will be thick because _________! & my red packet(s) will start coming in) We are going for a pricelesssssss dinner on my birthday (or maybe Friday so that We can enjoy on Sat)! A dinner worth millions/zillions of dollars. (Okay okay, I am extravagating) But it is certainly an expensive and meaningful one.

I know it is still too early to say about it but I can't wait.

Another thing I can't wait is this year X'mas!! Last year Christmas was a simple one.(BF and me visited Changi for some nice food, and that pervertic Mingyu kept stretching her neck for ahguas) Time flies~ Last year X'mas was like last month's thingy only. Wonder how this year Christmas will be like.

Nov is a happy month because by then everything would be over!
(Superrrr joyous month for me, a jubilant me!)

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