Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kiss goodbye~

HAHA~ I just reach home.
& I laughed when I saw Mingyu's post.
We were rushing for timeeeeeee. Million sorries!

Late lunch at 3 going on 4.
MRT-ed to chinatown.
(We had no place in mind so we went to the "auntie's place")
That place didn't suit us at all so we left there after awhile.
Seriously, I can't wear/buy or even look at the clothes for aunties.
MAYBE I'll shop there if I hit 55years old and above.
The decision to go there was wrong right from the start!
(Or there are some malls to shop but we missed it, I don't know!)

BF and me went to IMM next.
Just to get a couple of things and meet JJ,CG.
Cabbed back to BF's place.
JJ and CG stole BF from me so I played with Max.
That cutie pie is now "botak".
Max sure loves to play with JJ.

Saw that butterfly bling?
It is now hanging on my ring finger.
Pretty. BUT it is hindering my every move!
(When I type, when I shower, when I take off/put on my lense)

BF and me took some pictures today, But I don't want to post them out.
(Because I don't want to show Liang :D)

We're not going to Sentosa anymore!
Because we had something more GREAT waiting for us.
(And I had to wake up at 6am on that day :( ohhh~ my beauty sleep!)

My day ended with a goodbye kiss!